Specialised Property


We include in this category all going concern commercial accommodation, such as Hotels, Motels, Rest homes, Backpackers, Camping grounds and Holiday parks.

We have experience in all of these accommodation types and our in depth research and analysis ensures timely and accurate advice.


We identify this sector as being properties of a specialist nature which are seldom if ever subject to market transaction and therefore require a methodology to ensure accurate, well-founded valuation conclusions.

Often such valuations are required for:


  • Valuation of property assets including hospital buildings for the Otago and Southland District Health Boards for Financial Reporting and Insurance Purposes
  • Valuation of Presbyterian Support Otago's Resthome Portfolio in Otago and Central Otago for Financial Reporting and Insurance Purposes
  • Valuation of new Retirement Village Villas and Apartments in Central Otago


  • Audit of the Valuation of University of Otago Land and Buildings
  • Valuation for Disposal Purposes of surplus crown owned education property
  • Valuation of Dunedin College of Education Land and Buildings
  • Valuation of former King Edward Technical College
  • Rental assessments Centre for Innovation Otago University

Local authority

  • Valuations of Council operational assets including, Toitu Otago Settlers Museum (redeveloped), Town Hall, Dunedin Centre and Municipal Chambers (redeveloped) and the Historic Dunedin Railway Station.
  • Perpetually renewable ground lease rent valuations
  • Valuation of Investment Property Portfolio for Financial Reporting and Rental Assessment Purposes
  • Compensation valuations for land acquisition for road and other public works
  • Valuations for road stopping purposes
  • Easement valuations for conveyance of electricity and other utilities
  • Lessor Interest valuations for leasehold property portfolio


  • Valuations of Motel and Hotel accommodation
  • Valuations of Backpacker accommodation and other Tourism accommodation throughout Otago.
  • Casino rental assessment.
  • Going Concern assessments on all of the above.


  • Golf Club property Going Concern assessment
  • Valuation of private company shares
  • Valuation of Tourist concessions
  • Rental assessment for Telecommunication sites
  • Valuation of Air Rights.


  • Electricity Regulatory assignment of power lines and substations
  • Electricity substation rentals and asset valuations

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